The concept at Silverfox Spaces was to provide coworkers with a more private individual workspace, but still having the benefits of belonging to a small working community.  

How did the idea start?

The experience of large open-plan workspace just didn't appeal to either me or my wife, and we thought that this might be the same for a lot of other people who wanted a city workspace.  So, the idea for Silverfox Spaces was born.  Why don't we make a space that people share but make it quiet and more private.  Something for the cave dwelling worker that wants a bit of human contact.

It started with a building location, that was out of the way yet close to the city centre, in a penthouse level with 360 degree views.  

Then the make-over began.

The offices were given a tidy up, and then furnishings that were a bit more  "old school" brought in.  A range of options were planned with meeting rooms, rooms where you could meet and work, some cubicles and hot desks and a chill out space with bean bags and comfy chairs.

Most went well, apart from a water leak from the dishwasher hose landing on the reception desk in the floor below.  Ooops someone forgot to tighten it !!!.  My bad.

The fit out was finished in December 2019 and now we have the challenge of finding some community members to share our workspace.

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