Imagine how we would view of ourselves, or the people we meet, if it was self-entitlement, and not calories, that determined how much body fat we had.  If our selfishness was on show, all day, every day, in a way that we couldn’t hide, what would change?

Well fat shaming would probably become accepted, overnight.

Take a moment to think about how meeting an emaciated person might feel.  You would know they were a selfless, giving person, from the get go.  You wouldn’t need to ask them oodles of questions about how they lived their life, to sort out if they were a giver or a taker.  Instead of trying to feed the starving, you might give them your seat on the bus.

On the flip side, an elephantine individual would stand out as someone with extraordinary expectations about what they think is deserved from you and the world around them.   mean, how often has it taken months and months, before you finally click that your so-called chum is a lecherous money-grubbing self-centred prat, cloaked in a thin veneer of smiles and hollow promises.  With the self-entitlement body fat system you could just look over and notice they had a tractor tyre sized muffin trying to escape from their trouser top.  No chance he’s buying the next round of drinks.

When shopping for jeans you might ask “Do I look selfish in these?”or “do these figure-form undies make me look a little more accepting of my fellow man?”  No, but that size 18, does go well with those green eyes of yours!

People lining up the airport check-in counter could easily be identified as those “groping for an upgrade” or those just “grateful for a seat” without the poor attendant having to put up with all sorts of bogus reasoning and attitude.  They would just be able to quote that airline baggage and weight restrictions prevented all selfish people from being seated in first and business class, as the plane wouldn’t be able to get its nose up for take-off.

Diets would change from reducing your sugary cake intake, to spending more time helping others.  Jenny Craig programmes would be ousted in favour of how to drop three dress sizes using advice from the Dalia Lama.  I think, on reflection, that Ghandi had both bases covered, so was a guru ahead of his time.

I am not sure how colonics fit into this analogy, but I never really understood how the whole “clean your pipes” thing helped anyway.   Apart from perhaps getting the satisfaction of a decent bowel movement.  Maybe colonics would replace the “Oh I see!!” lightbulb moments of self-awareness in your life, with “I really need to get my pay-it-forward sh#t together” porcelain throne moments of rectal evacuation.

Ah!! But it is all just a pipe dream.

So back to the real world, where selfish bastards come in all shapes and sizes, and are grand masters in the art of social camouflage.  Where the only way to distinguish a giver from a grabber is from personal classroom experiences at the school of hard knocks.  Or at the Veterinary Clinic, for treatment of trauma, in the dog eat dog society we have built.

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